Farm Rescue Helps Heart Patient

Published: April 30, 2007 | 6144th good news item since 2003

This non-profit organization was created to help the family farmer temporarily sidelined by injury or other disaster by planting up to one thousand acres of crops free of charge.

It`s in its second year now but Farm Rescue experienced a first in Turtle Lake yesterday.

The volunteers helped a couple in which the wife is the one who is recovering.

Spend just a few minutes with Sharon Weible, and you`ll have no doubts that she`s got a big heart.

Even if it isn`t hers.

“Her heart was turning bad, there was nothing to do to fix it, says Wes Weible. “It was just going bad. Eventually she would have just passed away.”

That was one possible ending to the Weible`s story but Wes and Sharon like this one much better.

“I was excited, never scared,” says Sharon. “I just thought I got a second chance.”

Sharon was on a transplant list for nine months before she was flown to Rochester, Minnesota for surgery last November.

“You never knew when you`d get called. We had our suitcase packed, ready to go every night.”

The Weible`s made 13 trips to the hospital before the operation, and they`ve spent the majority of their time commuting between Turtle Lake and Rodchester since.

That means Wes concentrated more on being a support system and less on being a farmer.

The Weible`s received gifts like this prayer blanket from friends and family, but it was an organization of strangers who stepped in and gave the gift of livelihood.

“She has to go, you can`t not go,” says Wes. “You went through all that to get a heart, you can`t give up now.”

You can`t give up, so farm rescue stepped up, and volunteered to plant 600 acres of wheat for the Weible`s so Wes could focus on the more important things in life.

His heart was in the right place. And now so is Sharon`s.

Sharon`s recovery is going very well.

They`ve made the ten hour drive to Rochester seven out of the last eight weeks, but it looks like they`ll be making that trip less and less.

Farm Rescue is planting about six hundred acres of wheat for the Weibles.

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