Blind pilot takes to the sky for charity

Published: April 23, 2007 | 6089th good news item since 2003

Armed with a sense of purpose and a trusty co-pilot, a blind British pilot took a much-needed stop in Bangkok recently during his international flight for charity.

During his stop in Thailand Saturday, 57-year-old Miles Barber told the Bangkok Post what drove him to begin his fundraising flight from Britain to Australia back on March 7.

“I think the biggest barrier that the blind have to overcome is their own minds,” he said. “The world tends to tell the blind what they can do, but I think it’s the blind who should tell themselves what they can or can’t do. They should live their lives fully, not be afraid.”

Having lost his own eyesight decades ago to an eye disease, the disadvantaged pilot is attempting to raise funds so that other eye patients can receive assistance.

To date, the “Seeing is Believing” campaign has raised enough money to aid 105 patients awaiting eye operations.

The Post said Barber and his co-pilot Richard Hardy are expected to conclude their planned 56-day flight by landing their temporary home in Australia on April 28.

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