Honest limousine driver returns lost money to passenger

Published: April 6, 2007 | 5938th good news item since 2003

The long road ahead reflects the path of life for this ‘good’ and honest limousine driver and a bread winner in a family of four, Prateep Sripolnok, who has been in the industry to serve tourists and visitors to the island for over 10 years.

He said: “ I usually give the money I earn to my wife as she will then divide it for the household commodities and monthly expenditure. Some goes to savings and some I give to my old parents.”

His wife: “I give him moral support. When he comes back late and exhausted and sometimes with problems at work, I try to comfort him saying we have the mission of building up good family with a prosperous future for the kids.”

Prateep said he tries his best each day which is usually a routine. He admits that he has to work hard and keep some savings for his children’s future education.
When free from work, Prateep spends his time with his family like any other ordinary person. Apart from that he also spends some tiny spare time farming some fighting cocks. His family breeds baby fighting cocks for sale as well.
One day in December last year, the chances opened for this middle aged man to get over 100,000 baht which is a lot of money for a typical Thai family. That day one of his foreign passengers left his belongings with over 100,000 baht in his car. Being honest to himself and to his career, plus sustainable tourism for the island he said he then reported his find to the police and later returned the cash to the owner. After that the Phuket Provincial Authority awarded him with the prize ‘The good deed person in Phuket’. Prateep and his family take pride in the title that he honestly earned.

His son: “My dad is great. He is smart and honest. We’re proud of him. I will follow his path even tough I want to be a policeman when I grow up.”

Prateep is another good example for the definition of self sufficiency economy and a figure of good morals, especially on Phuket Island where the majority of people rely on tourism riches.

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