Miracle 1lb baby “doing well” 10 months on

Published: March 28, 2007 | 5885th good news item since 2003

A baby born after just 23 weeks is currently “doing well” after spending the first 10 months of his existence battling for his life.

Baby Kaven not only had to endure the trials which come with being born 17 weeks early – he also had to undergo over 50 blood transfusions to keep him alive after he contracted necrotising fasciitis, a flesh-eating organism, at just five days old.

His frame was so frail that within days of being born, the 1lb baby boy had suffered broken ribs, caused by the effort of breathing, and two broken legs after health specialists had attempted to change his nappy.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, proud mum Victoria Simmons admitted that she and partner Lawrence Gainey were incredibly frightened for their little son.

“We had him baptised before the operation, as the doctors didn’t think he would be coming back. We just had to sit and pray that he would hang on.”

Now 10-months-old, Kaven – which means “handsome” in Gaelic – is a much healthier 15lbs and although he will require physiotherapy until he is at least five, Victoria is confident that her son will continue to improve.

“He is so tiny that some people think he is new-born. But he’s doing fantastically well and we are so thrilled with his progress,” she said.

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