Airline to the rescue after baby loses bear

Published: March 23, 2007 | 5849th good news item since 2003

A BABY girl has been reunited with her favourite teddy, five sleepless nights after they were separated on a plane journey.

Airline Flybe received an email from three-month old Gracie Tourgout, written by her father John, saying how upset she was at losing Pierre le Bear when flying from Leeds to Exeter.

Gracie, from Weymouth, said in her email: “He helps me get to sleep at night and was given to me by my godparents, who I am seeing next week!

“Please, please, please would you ask your friends at Exeter airport if they have found Pierre le Bear and could send him back to me.”

The Flybe staff were stirred by Gracie’s emotional plea and launched a full-scale search at Exeter airport.

Ground handling staff, cabin crew and other staff were all put on the look-out for Pierre, even head office was notified.

Eddie Evans, Flybe station manager at Exeter, said: “When we heard about Gracie’s story, it really tugged at our heartstrings and we felt compelled to help reunite her with Pierre le Bear.

“We knew that there was a high possibility that the teddy could still be on board the aircraft, winging its way back to Leeds, so we made sure to alert all cabin crew and ground staff to ensure that they kept their eyes peeled for Gracie’s bear.

“I personally checked everywhere that I could think of but it was actually a kind-hearted member of the public who eventually tracked down Pierre and handed him in to the Flybe ticketing desk, five days after he first went missing. It was great to be able to tell John and Charlotte Tourgout that we had found the bear and Gracie seemed particularly pleased to be reunited with her bedtime friend!”

Mr Tourgout added: “Gracie is all smiles now that she’s got her favourite bear back and we are pleased as well because it means she will hopefully start sleeping properly again. We would like to thank everyone at Flybe for making such a special effort in finding the bear for her.”

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