Miracle Mother looks forward to 90th birthday

Published: March 9, 2007 | 5741st good news item since 2003

Brenda Busby calls her mother, Rose Lybrand, her “miracle mother.”

After falling into a coma in 2001 at 83 years old, Lybrand was hospitalized in an intensive care unit, where doctors told her family that the prognosis did not look very good.

“She was very sick; doctors said that she was probably going to die,” recalled Busby, also saying that during her mother’s hospitalization, she was on a respirator and undergoing dialysis.

For Busby, the miracle was in watching her mother pull out of the coma and go on to make a full recovery.

“The lord has brought her through some terrible times,” she said.

Perhaps it was because of Lybrand’s faith, which according to Busby plays a major role in her mother’s life. “She is a very virtuous woman,” she said. Busby said what she admires most about her mother is her giving nature. “She has quite a legacy; after the Lord, she has always put her family and others first,” she said. “She’s just a wonderful woman,” Hailey Cadden said of her great-grandmother. Cadden said that Lybrand had a hand in helping to raise her and her brother.

The love Lybrand has for her family can be seen just by walking into her room at Mattie C. Hall Healthcare, where she now resides. The walls are filled with pictures of her family, which spans five generations on each side. One of her favorites is a picture of her and her late husband William, both all smiles, on their wedding day, Jan. 14, 1945. To this day, Lybrand still remembers vividly how he proposed.

“First he talked to my mom and dad and then he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him,” she said, her eyes shining. Lybrand said that she met her husband while volunteering in a hospital in Virginia during World War II. A solider, William was being treated for injuries sustained during combat.

She said they were married in a small wedding at her brother’s house, moving to Aiken soon after.

These days Lybrand stays pretty busy at Mattie C. Hall. She says she enjoys taking part in games and activities such as Bingo, checkers and puzzles as well as enjoying the company of the residents and the staff whom she says are like family. She also said that she tries to attend services when she can at her church, First Baptist.

“I really love it here,” said Lybrand, who was named Miss Mattie C. Hall in the assisted living center’s beauty pageant several years ago.

Affectionately called “granny” by all of her family members, Lybrand is looking forward to a big day in a couple of months: Her 90th birthday is on April 8. She said her family plans to go all out in celebration this year. “They told me to invite everyone that I know,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

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