Lost Service Dog Reunited with Owner in Texas

Published: March 9, 2007 | 5718th good news item since 2003

Dakota the Australian shepherd who had been missing for three weeks was reunited with his owner in Fort Worth, Texas, late Wednesday afternoon.

Ted Gresham, 67, who is disabled, has had Dakota as a close companion for four years. The dog helps him to achieve his day-to-day activities.

A local newspaper published an article about Gresham’s search for Dakota on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, Gresham got the call he’d been waiting for.

He learned that Dakota had been found on February sixth at Moritz Chevrolet by Destinye Ek, an employee of the dealership which is less than a mile from Gresham’s apartment.

When Ek found the lost dog, she contacted the veterinarian’s office that had issued the dog’s vaccination tags, but they were unable to reach Gresham. She said her children were instantly attached to the friendly dog, So she kept him.

Ek’s mother, Carlyne Johnson, saw the newspaper story Wednesday morning.

Because her daughter was at work, Johnson arranged to meet with Gresham and Lauren Shelley, who has been assisting him with the search.

Johnson took Gresham and Shelley to Ek’s house, where Dakota immediately jumped up to greet Gresham enthusiastically.

Gresham said he and Dakota are both thrilled to be reunited.

“He’s glad to be home, you can tell that,” Gresham said. “He rubbed his feet in the carpet and sniffed around. It’s fantastic.”

You talk about a relief!” he exclaimed. “Oh, I’ll sleep good tonight.”

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