Unlikely hero rescues water-logged pensioner

Published: March 8, 2007 | 5686th good news item since 2003

Out of nowhere a modern-day hero came to the rescue after a pensioner’s flat was flooded.

Wyn Allen’s ground floor flat flooded when a water main burst on the footpath outside.

The property in Victoria Court, Luddesdown Road, is slightly lower than the footpath and suffered damage to the garden, kitchen and bathroom.

“The garden was three bricks deep in water and bathroom and front doormats were swimming,” said the 81-year-old.

“There was a fire engine pumping the water out of the carpets in the house as well as one pumping the water from outside.”

Neighbour Maureen Mason’s flat was also affected, while another neighbour, Bob Waite, came to the rescue along with the grandson of another resident.

But Wyn was most surprised when a boy of about 15 wearing a white hooded tracksuit took a bucket from the firemen and began carrying water out of the garden.

“He looked like your typical yob, but it just shows teenagers aren’t all bad,” said Mrs Allen.

“It’s a real lift to know that there are some good ones about.

“He really did work hard but he left before I had a chance to thank him – he didn’t even have a cup of tea.

“It’s good to hear a bit of good news about Victoria Court for a change.”

Thames Water was expected to assess the damage to the sheltered accommodation following Monday’s flood.

But the argument continues for Mrs Allen as Thames Water has said it won’t cover the total cost of the damage.

Mrs Allen thinks this is unfair.

She said: “The insurance cover I have means that I have to pay a £100 charge on any claim. I will have to pay for damage caused by no fault of my own.”

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