Lawn Turns Into Prayer Message Board

Published: March 7, 2007 | 5731st good news item since 2003

A family in Bowling Green, Ky., turned their front lawn into a type of prayer message board last year during Lent when they nailed a giant cross outside their home.

The Mays family decided to do the same this year, hoping to help those concerned about recent tragedies.

“Just the sheer act of hammering the nail into the wood, you feel a connection with God that just can’t be explained,” said Kevin Mays.

“We have so many things in this world we’re so troubled by,” said Kevin Mays.

His daughter, Remington Mays, helps post prayer requests to the 18-foot cross.

Neighbor Bonnie Hall said she was inspired after the cross went up in the yard.

“If we want to nail any prayers to the cross, we can do that,” Hall said.

“We live in a world filled with problems and people need somebody to turn those problems over to,” said Kevin Mays. “This is an opportunity for them to do that.

More requests have gone up since tornadoes ripped through communities Thursday, killing 20 people in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri.

“I could just think about my daughter and how I would feel if it would happen here,” he said.

The family will keep the cross posted through Easter, which is April 8.

Remington said the notes posted last year were burned after Easter.

“We don’t read them and the ashes go to God so he knows what they say,” she said.

Her father said they represent people’s concerns that they turn over to God to address.

The Mays family said the cross is not meant to impose religion on anyone but that it is simply a place for people of all faiths to post their prayers if they choose to do so.

The structure attracted attention in 2006 when it was placed on wheels and wheeled around town by Kevin Mays and fellow ministry members.

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