Firefighters rescue baby suffocating after car crash

Published: March 7, 2007 | 5696th good news item since 2003

Firefighters rescued a 5-month-old infant who was suffocating in her safety seat that was crushed when the car she was in struck a utility pole.

Selena Guerra was in good condition Thursday at the University of Chicago Hospitals, a spokeswoman said.

The accident Wednesday afternoon stuffed the baby between the door and the dashboard, with the baby’s mouth blocked by a piece of the car’s interior. South Haven Fire Department Assistant Chief Ron Reed Jr. reached into the car to clear the baby’s mouth, firefighters said. The baby, who had turned blue, gasped air.

Almost immediately the pink hue returned to her face.

“It was extremely nerve-racking at that moment,” Reed said.

Capt. Ron Brehmer Jr. took out the windshield, and firefighters removed the baby from the shattered car seat.

“We happened to be lucky we got on the scene as fast as we did,” Reed said.

Firefighters arrived within two minutes of the call.

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