Santa has special gift: marriage

Published: February 22, 2007 | 5616th good news item since 2003

Each year around the 4th of July, he stops trimming his full beard. Tom plays the role of Santa Claus for his church’s youth group fund raiser: “Breakfast with Santa,” and an outreach program: “Dinner With Santa” for underprivileged children of the community.

The children get to have a good breakfast (or dinner), sit on Santa’s lap and tell him all their wishes, have their picture taken with Santa and have their faces painted if desired.

This year, on Dec. 9, Santa came to town with a very special gift for a very special lady: Lady Linda, from Bailey, N.C. She was helping out in the kitchen along with Santa’s 23-year-old son, Robert, and others.

Following breakfast, after all the children had an opportunity to visit Santa, Robert told Lady Linda she needed to go sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. Resisting at first, and after some encouragement, she relented and went and sat on Santa’s lap. Santa asked her, “and what do you want for Christmas, little girl?” to which she responded with a whisper in Santa’s ear, “I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Santa then replied with a hardy laugh, “I think I have something here that just might help make that happen.” Santa turned slightly to his right and plucked a candy cane from the decorated tree beside him. He handed her the candy cane, to which was attached a beautiful diamond engagement ring, saying, “Will you marry me?” She replied through tears of joy, “Yes, oh yes!” A wedding date has been set for March 31.

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