Angel Food Ministries

Published: February 21, 2007 | 5586th good news item since 2003

A local Claremont church is bringing in food in bulk so families can save some cash. But due to short demand, this cost-saving service might end up in the bag.

The First Presbyterian Church in Claremont serves as a place of worship, and a discount grocery store.

“This is a really good thing. It’s not boring you know and it helps a lot of people,” volunteer Irmgard Madsen.

For the last year and a half, Penny McMartin and her family have been making trips to Iowa to stock up on food for the community. Through the Angel Food Ministries program, anyone who signs up can receive 50 dollars worth of groceries for half the price.

“You get five to six different meat items, fruits, vegetables; all the meat is frozen; all the vegetables are frozen and they get desserts,” explained volunteer, Penny McMartin.

So how do they get it so cheap?

“Angel Foods Ministries in Georgia has a huge Warehouse system where they can by low-cost foods and house it and buy it in large quantities at the same time,” said McMartin.

Because Claremont is the only church in Minnesota that uses the service, the future of the program is uncertain. In April, they will have to start going to Georgia instead of Iowa for the food.

They currently serve about 200 orders a month, but they will need about 2,000 to keep the program alive.

“First time I’ve done it and it looks like that for the price we pay there’s quite a good selection and quantity so I hope it will save me some money,” stated shopper Kim Stanton.

McMartin says more churches need to get involved so that a good thing doesn’t get thrown away.

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