Couple wins $15 million lottery jackpot after redeeming $10,000 ticket

Published: February 1, 2007 | 5449th good news item since 2003

For a Nevada couple, good things come in twos. And that includes winning big Powerball jackpots in Arizona — twice.

Just days after winning $10,000 with a ticket bought at a northern Arizona café, Barry and Barbara Salzman traveled to Phoenix to collect their winnings and ended up buying another ticket from the Arizona Lottery office. It just happened to be the $15 million jackpot winner.

“Of course I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it happened,” Barry Salzman said at a press conference this morning.

Salzman, who works in real estate investment, crossed the Nevada-Arizona state line to purchase his $10,000 winning ticket from Rosie’s Den, located on the state Highway 93. Nevada does not participate in the Powerball lottery, and Salzman would usually purchase a Powerball ticket in Arizona whenever the jackpot amount was high, such as that weekend when the amount reached $240 million.

Although Salzman won the $10,000 on Jan. 20, bad weather delayed him from cashing in the ticket. On Friday, he went to the Arizona Lottery headquarters, where he purchased another ticket for Saturday’s drawing. That ticket would be the $15 million winner.

“[This money] gives us tremendous security,” said Barbara Salzman, Salzman’s wife. “We plan on giving our daughter her first house and helping our son get started with his computer company, and also giving money to charities and paying off our house.”

The Salzmans declined to reveal which charities they would support.

The Salzmans elected to receive their prize in cash, which will be paid out as a check by the Multi State Lottery Association, according to a press release from the Arizona Lottery. Their winning numbers were 10, 19, 26, 27, 32, with a Powerball of 14.

Salzman is the first winner not from a Powerball state to hit the Powerball jackpot. The ticket, the ninth Powerball winner sold in Arizona, was the first winning one to be sold from the Arizona Lottery Phoenix office.

Just last week, a Missouri World War II veteran won the $240 million Powerball jackpot. Last November, the “Arizona 9,” which includes seven co-workers and two spouses, won and shared half of the $94.1 million jackpot. More than 27,000 Arizonans won some amount of prize money from the Powerball on Saturday.

“This is phenomenal for Salzman, and phenomenal for Arizona,” said Art Macias, executive director of the Arizona Lottery. “The Powerball does good things, and we are all big winners here.”

Salzman began his winning streak when he matched four numbers and the Powerball with his ticket that fetched $10,000.

Upon winning $15 million, Barbara Salzman couldn’t believe it.

“I read every Web site, and it took me hours before I believed it,” she said. “It still probably has not [sunk in], but we don’t really expect huge changes in our life.”

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