Lucky escape for hero of the storm

Published: January 31, 2007 | 5434th good news item since 2003

Jason Price had a lucky escape when he was blown off a roof in last week’s gale-force storms while rescuing a pet cat and crash landed on a parked car.

Although Jason, 25, was left black and blue, he avoided any serious injury, probably due to the roof of the Vauxhall Cavalier breaking his fall.

He’d climbed on to the roof of Margaret Tabor’s home in Wimborne using his ladder when his sister-in-law’s cat, Bob, got stuck there.

He brought the moggie down safely but then the wind blew Mrs Tabor’s door shut while she was outside watching the drama.

So plasterer Jason climbed back on to the roof to get in through an open window and it was then that he was knocked off his feet by the ferociously-strong 70mph winds.

His family watched in horror as he rolled backwards and then fell 20ft off the roof, glancing off Mrs Tabor’s silver car on his way down.

It was initially feared Jason had broken his spine or pelvis in the fall but doctors later confirmed he had only suffered bad bruising to his back and chest.

Jason said: “Next time I’ll think twice about doing my Spiderman impression when a cat gets stuck on a roof. I spent two days in hospital and will now be off work for five days. I was only doing a good deed.”

The drama started when Bob, who is owned by Jason’s sister-in-law Trish, climbed onto the roof of neighbour Mrs Tabor’s home in Cutlers Place. Unable to get down, the cat had already spent one night trapped and exposed to the wind and rain.

Jason said: “I used my ladder to get up there and found the cat by the chimney breast and brought him down safely.

“At that moment the wind blew Margaret’s door shut and she was locked out in the rain.

“I noticed there was a window in her roof that was open so I went back up there to try and get in.

“But as I went to grab hold of the frame, this tremendous gust of wind just knocked me off my feet.

“I don’t remember much after that until I was in the ambulance. But I was told that I struck the top of the car and put my arm through one of the windows.”

Trish’s mum, Karen Jennings, said: “Jason went flying backwards and fell off the roof and struck Margaret’s car. That probably softened his fall.

“It was awful, he was in so much pain. I hope Bob realises the trouble he has caused.”

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