Dog OK after swallowing wads of glue

Published: January 31, 2007 | 5429th good news item since 2003

A black Labrador retriever is expected to fully recover following surgery to escape a sticky situation, swallowing a quarter of a bottle of Gorilla Glue.

The dog named Reggie swallowed the glue two weeks ago, said Dr. Mark Reineck, a veterinarian at Fremont Animal Hospital. The heavy-duty polyurethane adhesive can be used to bond wood, stone, metal and brick.

Reineck played phone tag for a while with the dog’s owners, who had called when the dog first vomited, before being able to tell them to bring it in for treatment. The owners declined to be identified.

X-rays showed two large masses in the dog’s abdomen. Reineck said the glue turned into foam in its stomach that expanded when it mixed with food and fluid, then hardened.

Reineck operated on Friday and removed two stiff globs, one the size of an orange and the other as big as a head of cauliflower.

“The dog is now doing great and we expect a full recovery,” Reineck said. “But it was just too bad that he had to go through this major operation.”

Reineck who has had to remove a raincoat, a stuffed animal’s head and the bottom third of a Christmas tree with glass ornaments from other dogs said people need to be aware that household items can be attractive but dangerous for both pets and children.

Fremont is about 35 miles southeast of Toledo.

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