2.5m Lotto winner told her own fortune

Published: January 31, 2007 | 5440th good news item since 2003

A STUDENT who won £2.5 million on the Lottery told yesterday how her dream had literally come true.

Kerri Cartwright, 28, landed the jackpot in Wednesday’s draw after dreaming about the moment just a week before.

The single mother, from Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, toasted her £2,543,691 win with champagne.

She described how the windfall would change her life and help secure her three-year-old daughter Stephani’s future.

Ms Cartwright is currently studying for an HNC in administration and IT at James Watt College, and also works part-time at a golf club.

Flanked by her delighted sister Joy, 30, and mother Liz, 55, she said: “This will definitely change my life. I will probably defer my course and may not go back to it. I am stunned and it’s very surreal at the moment. I feel like it’s not happening to me.”

Ms Cartwright then spoke of the premonition that came to her the night after buying her ticket at a Tesco store in Greenock.

She said: “I had a dream that I had won the Lottery. It was so real I told my boss about it and he joked it would be nice – and then told me to get back to work.

“The win means the world to me as I won’t ever have to worry about things again.”

She said she would be splashing out on a dream holiday to Disney World in America for all her family, and would also be buying two new cars for herself – “a sensible family car” and a sports car.

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