Let’s meet a real-life angel

Published: January 3, 2007 | 5224th good news item since 2003

There’s a Community of Angels here that includes both the name of an organization and two high school students who run it.

They have been singled out for national recognition. The latest honor goes to Amber Rose, 17, who is a national finalist in Angel Soft’s Angels in Action awards.

Amber has received a $1,000 scholarship, which she plans to use at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is thinking of becoming a marketing student so that after she graduates she can “go into a firm and do marketing and advertising and sales.”

For her project, Art Angels, Amber gathers art supplies, which she puts in kits and then hands over to World Vision, which takes them to foreign countries devastated by natural disasters. Other kits go to places like Boys and Girls clubs, Champa House and Children’s Hospital.

She came up with the idea for the program when she needed a boost herself. She was in a hospital, waiting to get her appendix removed 10 years ago.

“In second grade, I was a patient at Children’s Hospital,” Amber said.

“Miss Teen Colorado of 1996 came and visited me. She brought me art projects to do. It’s really scary being in the hospital. (Art) put my mind at ease. I was able to do other stuff instead of just lay in bed.”

She and her sister, Anna, formed Community Angels, the umbrella organization for their projects. Anna has two – Sight Angels, which collects and donates glasses to the Denver Rescue Mission, and Education Angels, which provides school supplies to students in the Elizabeth area.

Amber started Art Angels using her main hobby as the theme.

“I’ve always been interested in art,” she said. “That’s where the idea of using art supplies came in. I draw a lot.”

She seeks donations from corporations, and then uses the money to buy art stuff like crayons and colored pencils, paper and paints.

“Most of the time, people are really good about giving me a good price when it’s for charity,” she said. “And 100 percent of what’s donated goes to the kids.”

She was a finalist recently in the Young Americans Young Entrepreneurs Award. She donated the prize money to Art Angels.

Each Art Angel kit has 130 pieces. They have been shipped to Malaysia, Armenia, Nicaragua and Guam.

When she’s not running the project, she’s busy studying. She’s an honor student at Elizabeth High School, where she is a senior. She also sings in jazz and chamber choirs. She has a supporting role in the school’s musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. She’s the funding chair of Cherry Creek Diversity Conference Committee, and is a member of Operation Social Change, which educates schoolmates about different cultures.

“I don’t have any free time,” she said. “That’s the stuff I do in my free time.”

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