Heroic dog in Bangor protects children from rattlesnakes

Published: December 11, 2006 | 5176th good news item since 2003

A Bangor family is praising the heroic actions of their dog, Oreo, a black lab and pitbull mix, who has twice bravely attacked rattlesnakes that posed a threat to the children.

In the Swedes Flat area near Rattlesnake Hill, 15-year-old Ashley Orr was getting firewood from the wood pile last week. As she was about to reach for a piece of wood, suddenly Oreo sprang into action and grabbed a baby rattlesnake that was in the wood pile not far from her hand.

“He grabbed it in his mouth and ran off with it to get it away from her,” said Ashley’s grandmother, Julie. “Then he shook it in his mouth and ate it.”

Julie contacted the local veterinarian, who said as long as the dog is not showing signs of illness, he would be all right.

“So far he looks happy and healthy to me, but we are watching him closely,” she added.

It was seven years ago when Jonathan Orr, the dog’s owner, also had a close encounter with a rattlesnake on their ranch in Bangor.

“When Johnny was 12 years old, he was carrying some bundles of hay to feed the horses. He couldn’t see where he was stepping because the bundles blocked his view. Suddenly, Oreo ran right in between his legs and grabbed a rattlesnake. Johnny almost stepped on that snake, and Oreo grabbed it in his mouth and ran off with it, but he didn’t eat it that time. So, this makes it twice that he saved my grandchildren from rattlesnakes,” Julie said.

“I’m very grateful to Oreo,” she said. “He is a hearty breed. He is a good boy, and our hero dog. We give him special treats as a reward.”

The family also has two old English Sheepdogs, but they do not have any interest in eating rattlesnakes.

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