Mystery hero chases truck down

Published: December 1, 2006 | 5115th good news item since 2003

A MYSTERY man has been hailed a hero after climbing on to a runaway truck on the Monash Freeway and bringing it safely to a stop. [50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet]

Werribee truck driver Terry Gerbert, who was travelling into town behind the man’s ute, said the man sprung into action after seeing the outbound truck slam into the concrete barrier on the opposite side of the freeway near High St just before 4pm yesterday.

In a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster, the man leapt from his ute, jumped a concrete barrier and chased after the still moving truck.

“He chased down the truck like he was Arnold Schwarzenegger, climbed across to the cabin and pulled the truck over,” Mr Gerbert said. “When it was done he ran straight back to his ute and took off. He was an absolute hero.”

Mr Gerbert, who pulled his own truck over to move the ute safely off the freeway, said it appeared the truck driver had suffered a heart attack at the wheel.

“A motorcycle officer was chasing the truck and made sure everyone steered clear while this bloke jumped up and stopped it,” he said. “The driver was unconscious and looked in a bad way.”

The driver was rushed to Monash Medical Centre by ambulance where he was in a stable condition last night.

Mr Gerbert said the mystery man, who was aged in his early 20s, was an inspiration.

“He’s raced back to his ute after stopping the truck and took off because he didn’t want to create another hazard,” he said.

“This guy was just brilliant and whoever he is, he should be thanked.”

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