Hero Meets The Baby He Saved

Published: December 1, 2006 | 5120th good news item since 2003

A fire that ripped through an apartment building left devastating damage, but a baby who was trapped inside escaped death thanks to a local firefighter. Thursday, that hero got a chance to meet the baby he saved a couple of weeks ago. [In the Company of Heroes: A True Story]

Every time Madgela Swindell looks down at one-year-old Ja-Layah, she remembers what a blessing her healthy baby girl is. Just a couple of weeks ago, Ja-Layah was stuck inside of a burning apartment.

A North Las Vegas firefighter saved Ja-Layah. The hero, baby and mom got to meet for the first time on Thursday.

Madgela Swindell said, “I want to hug him and tell him thank you and maybe we can get a few pictures of him and the baby.”

One by one Madgela met the men who were on that fire call. The final one introduced to her was Captain Yaphet Miller, the hero who pulled baby Ja-Layah from the burning building. With a quick hug, and tears welling up, Captain Miller and Madgela remembered the event that now connects them.

Captain Miller said, “When I grabbed her, she was pretty limp and lifeless. At eleven months old, she should have been screaming and having a fit but she was out of it.”

And Madgela finally got to say what’s been on her heart. “It’s like, wow, I’m happy to see him today and I can’t thank him any other way, but I thank him and I’m happy.”

Ja-Layah’s rescue is something neither person will forget. “She’s provided my best moment ever on the job,” Capt. Miller said.

The fire victims got to meet their hero at Thursday’s kick-off to the annual “Fill the Fire Truck” toy drive. The drive will run every weekend through Dec. 17th.

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