The spirit of giving; Rescue Mission gives back to the community

Published: November 24, 2006 | 5083rd good news item since 2003

More than fifty volunteers gave away about 350 to 400 Thanksgiving food boxes at the Oroville Rescue Mission, Monday.

“This is fantastic,” said Pastor Steve Terry of the Oroville Rescue Mission. Cars were lining up single file and volunteers were loading their vehicles with large food boxes filled with ingredients to make a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. [Thanksgiving]

“People started signing up for the food baskets on September 1 through last Friday,” Terry said.

Hobbie Auto Center donated 60 turkeys, Operation Gobble donated 50 turkeys, and the Oroville Police Officers’ Association gave 294 boxes of stuffing this year.

“Mitch and Sue Webber Brown donated 135 boxes of stuffing too,” Terry said. “The community has been very generous, and we also had some anonymous donors who contributed greatly.”

Mayor Gordon Andoe, Supervisor Bill Connelly, and Tony Carasco of Cal Water arrived with Operation Gobble to help spread the Thanksgiving spirit, Terry said. “I want to thank Tres Hobbie and Marcia Chipperfield for their incredible generosity in donating turkeys, too.”

Oroville Assistant Police Officer Kirk Trostle also arrived to spread the community spirit, Terry said.

Terry picked up the donated lunches for all the volunteers who worked organizing and handing out the food baskets. “This year, Blueberry Twist, Hof Brau, and Jakes Burgers donated all the lunches for our volunteers,” he said.

He especially thanked John Case, the senior chef who did the pre-planning and organized the event, and Allen Dikes and Loren Rush for all their help. “They did a fabulous job and made my job easy this year. Also, thanks to the Christian Motorcycle Association and to the community of Oroville ­ to those who not only donated food for this holiday, but who give every single month. We are 100 percent donor funded, so it’s vital we receive these donations and we so much appreciate them,” Terry said.

President George Kirbey of “Eternal Riders,” a Christian Motorcycle Club, joined his members in loading boxes of food in people’s vehicles. “We are wishing all the people a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and making them feel good. Our chapter is part of an international organization with some 100,000 members and has about 35 members in Butte, Sutter, and Yuba counties,” he said.

“This is our fifth year supporting the Oroville Rescue Mission,” Kirbey continued. “We minister here and speak about the bible and witness with our testimonies on the 30th of every month to encourage folks. The purpose of my life is to share my faith with others. A commandment of Jesus is to share your time and resources with those less fortunate, and we are fulfilling that commandment of the Gospel in being here today,” Kirbey said.

Volunteer Dora Domoe commented. “This is great. We are giving back what we get all year long. We hope this makes it easier for the people. And, you meet the greatest people who come out here to volunteer. My kids come out and help, too. It’s important to teach kids to take care of their neighbor. I let them miss a day of school to come out and do this. It’s an important lesson for them. Without this today, a lot of people wouldn’t have Thanksgiving dinner. I love doing this,” Domoe said.

Pat Fore has been helping the Rescue Mission for almost 20 years. “It’s fantastic and Mac McComas and Terry do a great job. It’s grown over the years. Sometimes we work in the rain, but today the weather is holding so far,” she said.

One couple traveled from Red Bluff to help volunteer today. “I heard about it from friends,” said Pastor Art. “We do prison-friend ministries at 12 state prisons. We give out Bibles, books, fliers, and write letters to inmates. I see the Christian Motorcycle Club is here. They do really great work and they are everywhere.”

Annie Terry organized the volunteers. “We also placed food barrels for donated canned food at businesses around town,” Annie said. These barrels were decorated by students in Jim Oleczwicz’s class at Mesa Vista School.

The food boxes given away contained a frozen turkey, 1 box of stuffing, 4 cans of vegetables, 60 ounces of canned sweet potatoes, 2 cans fruit cocktail, 2 cans chicken broth, 1 can cranberry sauce, 1 can black olives, 1 can cool whip, 5 lb. of potatoes, an onion and stalk of celery, stick of margarine, and 2 liters of soda.

“Now we’re looking forward to putting on our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. No reservations are needed, and the public is invited to the free dinner. The menu will be a traditional Thanksgiving dinner,” Terry said.

Terry also wants to remind people about the Community Christmas Dinner at the Municipal Auditorium next month sponsored by the Oroville Rescue Mission and Community Action Agency. “Last year we served 900 people and expect more this year,” he said.

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