Horse Rescuer Honored As Hometown Hero

Published: November 10, 2006 | 5032nd good news item since 2003

Lisa Pedro’s motto is “saving the world one horse at a time,” and she lives it every day.

Pedro runs Sterling Silver Equine Rescue in Marion County. She takes in neglected, abused or abandoned horses and nurses them back to health. There are nine horses in her care now, from 18-month-old Peaches, who has health problems, to Mr. Nibbles, a mini-horse from a zoo in Illinois. [Second Chances: Amazing Horse Rescues]

“I really love working with the horses. I would say it keeps me sane,” Pedro said laughingly. “But it keeps me going.”

Pedro started her rescue mission in Palm Beach in 2002, and brought her operation to 21 acres off Highway 314-A in 2004. She had to put in buildings and fencing. She said she started from scratch.

These days, she works around the clock, caring for the animals, hopefully getting them well enough to be adopted. The only exception is Mr. Nibbles. He doesn’t like other animals. He’ll stay on at Sterling Silver to be a therapy animal. He loves kids.

The horses are sometimes in pretty bad shape. Kiss fell through the floor of a horse trailer and wasn’t given medical treatment for seven or eight weeks. But after a few months in Lisa’s care, Kiss is as good as new. A local veterinarian helps out.

“We get the kind of animals that you see on Animal Planet,” Pedro said. “We have mostly elderly horses and horses with medical conditions. We don’t get horses that are easily adoptable. They’re here for a while.” [The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales]

Besides her hands-on animal care, Pedro works to educate people about how to spot abuse and about issues like horse slaughter houses, which exist in this country. The thought of someone’s pet horse ending up there breaks her heart.

Lisa runs her equine rescue with a bare bones budget that runs solely off donations of money and of items she can sell.

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