‘He gave me life twice’

Published: November 9, 2006 | 5029th good news item since 2003

Andy Holcomb shares his near-death experience in hopes of helping others with the problems they face in life. [Complete Idiot’s Guide to Near-Death Experiences]

His body broken and battered, Andy Holcomb’s spirit has never been more alive.

The Akron man was nearly killed in early 2005 when an industrial accident claimed the entire lower half of his body. Doctors believe Holcomb should have died that day, but he survived as a medical miracle.

For the first time, Holcomb is talking publicly about the journey he said he took during those moments while trapped in an industrial machine.

“Last thing I saw was the light before that happened,” Holcomb said. “First thing I thought to do was to say the Lord’s Prayer. There’s a real comforting presence the whole time It was there. It was almost as if like, God had taken me from my body, because I could like see me.

“As soon as I closed my eyes, I opened them and I was in this train. I had no legs and I was searching around me frantically looking for my phone. So I could call my family and tell them goodbye.”

At one point, rescuers believed Holcomb was gone, but he says his journey was just beginning.

“This angel stopped me and she looked at me. She wore a white gown and she told me that I couldn’t go where everyone else was going and I said ‘well why not?’ and she said ‘because you’re not dead yet.

“I asked her if I could keep my legs and she was like ‘Well I talked to Him (God), and He said you can’t keep your legs but you’ll have something much better than that when you get back.'”

Holcomb says he was swept away by the amazing sounds of an angelic choir. [Grace Plus Nothing]

“It’s indescribable,” he said. “Hearing it as loud and as graceful and as peaceful as it was. That’s kind of the sound when no one else is around. That kind of sound in the background.”

Holcomb is hopeful that military surgeons can help him with a special prosthetic, similar to what American troops injured in battle can receive. He struggles with daily pain, but says his new mission in life is sharing his faith.

“He gave me life twice,” Holcomb said. “I want to help other people like myself. Those people who are one in a million.”

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