True meaning of “hero”

Published: November 8, 2006 | 5024th good news item since 2003

Superman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman are all fictional heroes who save the world everyday. They entertain kids of all ages with their super powers, cute costumes and witty one-liners. My hero has never been in the pages of a comic book or on television, he doesn’t wear a spandex costume, nor can he fly. His secret identity and everyday persona are the same and I’ve never seen him leap over a tall building.

He has done something that with every passing day the world is ever grateful for doing. [We Are Leaving at a Rapid Rate: A WWII Veteran Writes: Before, During, and After]

The way he speaks about his adventures makes my head spin. I can sometimes feel wind in my hair, the sun on my face and a tear in my eye. He has done things I can’t imagine, seen things I could never see and heard things that would make me cry.

He has sacrificed many things in his life so I could have a better future, so many things that in time will count in someone’s future. He has lost a good friend, but in return got to know someone new. He has married the woman of his dreams and a family that I am proud of.

Today is not only for those who have fallen, but it is also a day for those who came home and passed on their stories to the next generation. I could go on from now until forever and never have enough time to say that I want to say. Thank you, my hero, for everything. Thank you, my hero, for putting everything on the line for me.

Thank you, my Papa, for being my hero.

With love,

Roxann Hoppe

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