Nuns Go High-Tech With Prayer

Published: November 7, 2006 | 5020th good news item since 2003

We are a society dependent on technology.

But who would have thought that a group of Hoosier women with a godly bond would be among the technological leaders on the worldwide web.

Kevin Rader introduces us to these women who “pray the news.”

There is a home that is very traditional on the outside. But the nine nuns who live behind this door believe it is blessed with a very intellectual interior.

The residents are not cloistered in the traditional sense. They do venture out of the monastery. They consider themselves more contemplative than cloistered.

“Someone once said the true conservative is the person who keeps the values of the past but is open to the future and to the changes they need to make to keep their values alive in the present culture.”

Working in conjunction with Young and Laramore the Carmelites captured a prestigious webby for their “Pray the News” website and now, as of Monday they are taking god to the iPod where you can download their reflections from iTunes or from their website. [Cloister and Community: Life within a Carmelite Monastery]

“We are basically private people. We are willing to let go of our privacy in order to let our message of contemplative life flow out to the culture because we live it in a special way but it is for everybody.”

So now you can share in the benefit of a different perspective on the world and wherever you go in this world you can take some peace and serenity with you.

“It’s how do you see what is going on and can you look with a different kind of lens. A deeper vision and I think we do that here. It is to enable others to open up that vision for themselves to realize they also have that capacity to see things.”

Even in the upcoming election.

“What should we be looking at in this election? What is god calling us? What kind of better world can we make? Do we do it to be tearing everyone down by saying all the negatives? What is it we are trying to do and what do we look for.” [Campaigning Online: The Internet in U.S. Elections]

Thoughts that are hard enough to sort out on our own buut now we have help. .

To check out their website, click the link to the right of this story.

You can watch their podcast, light a virtual candle and put in a prayer request to the sisters.

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