Factory operator becomes hero saving two children from fiery death

Published: November 7, 2006 | 5018th good news item since 2003

Factory operator Mohd Sobirol Mohd Salleh became a hero when he rushed into a burning unit to save two of his neighbour’s children from a fiery death. [Everyday Heroes: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People Who Made a Difference]

He is the typical unassuming man-next-door, hardly making an impression among the residents of the Section 20 PKNS flats here.

But on Thursday he became an instant hero.

It was about 10.40am when Mohd Sobirol was about to send his toddler Nursusila to the minder staying a floor below his fifth-floor unit on Block 4 when he smelt smoke followed by frantic shouts of “api, api” (fire, fire!).

He scooped Nursusila up and ran downstairs to safety.

As he passed his neighbour’s flat eight units away, he saw two toddlers in the house, one blissfully sleeping and the other crying in fear.

The two were his friends’ children.

He ran down handed his daughter to the minder and dashed back again to the burning fifth floor to get the toddlers.

Luckily, the key was on the grill door.

He grabbed a sleeping Shuhada Norazmi, two, and her brother, Haikal, five, and ran out of the burning unit.

“I was scared, the fire was raging, but I just focused on saving the toddlers. Nothing heroic about it, anyone would have done the same,” said Mohd Sobirol, who works the afternoon shift. [Firefighting: Heroes of fire and rescue through history and around the world]

The nine families, whose units were damaged, were staying at the Section 20 community hall.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Deparment assistant director of operations Mohd Puzi Mohd Tabot said the cause of fire was being investigated.

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