Brave cop in river rescue

Published: November 7, 2006 | 5017th good news item since 2003

A BRAVE policeman leapt into the wintry waters of the Thames to save two women from drowning. [London’s Thames: The River That Shaped a City and Its History]

One had fallen into the river at Island Gardens in Cubitt Town, on the Isle of Dogs, on Sunday evening.

The second woman leapt in after her in the dangerous stretch of river bend.

A 999 call alerted emergency services and the Tower lifeboat and a launch from the river police at Wapping raced to their rescue.

Pc Lee Bannister arrived on the scene and spotted the two women struggling in the water.

Without hesitation, he dived in to support them until help arrived.

The Thames is a notoriously cold and treacherous stretch of water, even for strong swimmers, and both were soon in difficulties.

A coastguard controller told the Advertiser: “This is a dangerous stretch of the Thames-the currents and eddies are fierce around the Isle of Dogs, among the worst anywhere.

“These two women were lucky to be rescued-they could easily have died, and the police officer that jumped in after them was extremely brave.”

The lifeboat and police launch pulled both women and Pc Bannister from the Thames.

All three were taken to the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel where they were treated for shock, hypothermia and given tetanus jabs. [Hypothermia Frostbite And Other Cold Injuries: Prevention, Recognition And Treatment]

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