Teacher Reunited With 9-Year-Old Who Helped Save Her

Published: October 27, 2006 | 4963rd good news item since 2003

A teacher who suffered a stroke while in a day-care classroom got to thank the student who called 911 and helped save her.

Renee Thompson has been through a lot.

“It was really rough I have to say,” Thompson said.

She has to learn to do everything all over again, things such as walking, talking, reading and writing.

But she said she is just thankful she is even alive to face these challenges.

“My hero. Yeah, I consider him my hero,” Thompson said.

That hero is 9-year-old student Jerry Richards. He stopped by Monday for a surprise visit.

“How you been doing?” Thompson asked.

I’ve been doing good,” Jerry said.

Thompson worked at a day-care center. In August, she was the only adult in a room full of children when she had a stroke, collapsed and Jerry took over. He kept the children calm, called 911 and comforted his teacher.

“He had me by the arm and said, ‘Miss Renee, just be good. When they come, it’s going to be all right,’ and that made me feel good,” Thompson said.

“I’m really proud that I reacted so fast to save her life,” Jerry said.

He gave her a second chance, and although she still has a long way to go, her hero will be there for her every step of the way.

Thompson spent more than a month recovering in the hospital.

She still has to go through physical, speech and occupational therapy several times a week.

Her doctors said it would be about one year before she can go back work at the day-care center.

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