Brother And Sister Reunited After Separate Adoptions 10 Years Earlier

Published: October 27, 2006 | 4964th good news item since 2003

While waiting in line at a temporary employment agency in Mt. Pleasant, Jerry Marks, 22, looked at a girl also standing in the line and got what he told the Morning Sun newspaper was “an eerie feeling.”

“As I looked at her I just said, ‘you know, you look just like my sister, who I have been looking for years,'” Marks said.

Tressa Norris, 23, of Mt. Pleasant, began talking to Marks, of Remus, as they waited outside the Labor Ready office on Mission Road.

As they recited names of relatives, the two simultaneously said, “Joyce Matthews.”

That’s when they realized that they had reunited for the first time since they and their six brothers and sisters had been taken from their mother by authorities and placed for adoption.

Joyce Matthews had reportedly been an abuser of drugs and alcohol as well as a prostitute.

The children had been in and out of foster homes until they were finally removed for good about ten years ago.

The last time the brother and sister had seen each other was at a supervised visit when they were both pre-teens and living in separate foster homes.

“We didn’t know whether to hug each other, kiss each other or cry,” Norris said.

The pair say they would like to reunite with their other brothers and sisters, if possible. They don’t know their current last names, but the first names are Tracy, April, Jason Lee, Rachael, Michael and Bruce.

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