Volunteer firefighter reunited with family he saved from burning car

Published: October 6, 2006 | 4891st good news item since 2003

THE raging fire inside her flat did not deter the plucky grandmother.

The 70-year-old only had thoughts of saving her mentally- unsound son as she braved the heat and flames and dashed right into the inferno.

The fire happened yesterday morning at an apartment block in Hong Kong.

Apple Daily reported that the grandmother, identified as Madam Guan, had gone for Mandarin lessons at her local community centre.

When she returned home at around 10am, she heard her neighbours calling for the fire brigade the moment she stepped out of the lift.


When Madam Guan realised it was her flat that was on fire, she panicked.

Inside the flat was her reclusive second son Mr Feng, 40, who was diagnosed with depression when he was 15.

Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily reported that Mr Feng also has problems with his vision, as he has been refusing to wear glasses even though he has astigmatism.

Guessing that her son was probably trapped in the fire, Madam Guan barged into the flat even though it was already covered in smoke.

She found Mr Feng crawling on the floor of his room, with his face and hands badly burnt.

She quickly helped her son up and half-carried him as they made their escape.

The fire brigade arrived soon after and put out the blaze.

Mr Feng was later sent to the hospital, with 20 per cent burns on his body.

He is in critical condition.

Madam Guan, who has three other children, was unhurt.

Mr Feng is the only child still living with her since her husband died more than 10 years ago.

Mr Feng is jobless and only left the flat on rare occasions, preferring to coop himself up in his room.

He and his mother survive on Mr Feng’s monthly HK$1,100 ($225) handout from the disabled scheme, as well as contributions from his other siblings.


Madam Guan’s flat was utterly devastated by the fire.

After the fire was put out, she was reportedly so distraught upon seeing the aftermath that she cried out in anguish:

‘I’ve really lost everything this time.’

The fire at her flat is believed to have been caused by a short circuit.

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