Father repairs school’s climbing frame

Published: September 20, 2006 | 4792nd good news item since 2003

A VANDALISED school climbing frame is set to be rebuilt by the dad of a pupil left heartbroken by the attack.

Colin Farrar had no hesitation in reaching for his toolbox after his nine-year-old son Lewis told him that the £1,000 play facility at St Peter’s Primary School in Hindley had been destroyed by vandals.

He went down to the Kildare Street school, assessed the damage and declared that he could repair the climbing frame with the exception of the smashed plastic slide.

Undaunted, his wife, Debra, then contacted Solowave, the makers of the climbing frame which was destroyed in an attack on Monday September 11, and they agreed to send a free replacement slide.

Local timber firm Laycocks, which is based in Ince, also agreed to supply some wood to help Colin with the reconstruction.

Now the couple have even managed to get another firm, GET Security Systems, to step in to provide a CCTV camera to deter vandals from launching another attack against the school.

DM Posters has also provided signs to warn people that there is CCTV installed at the site.

Debra, of Crompton Close, Hindley, said: “We didn’t want to rebuild it and these vandals to destroy it again. That would just upset the children more than ever. We wanted a CCTV camera and were hoping that a local company could donate one.

“People might also see the CCTV and it might deter them a bit.

“I just don’t understand what goes through these children’s heads.”

Lewis suffers from a little-known genetic illness, Common Variable Immunodeficiency, which affects him immune system and means that he must be injected with anti-biotics every three days.

Debra said that Lewis would often use the play area as a “quiet area” with other sensitive children wanting to get away from the more frantic atmosphere on the playground.

“Lewis came home in absolute tears because it had been broken. He was heartbroken. He always used to go and plays in that area. That’s his quiet space,” said Debra.

“We decided that there must be something that we can do. So Colin went to the school and he’s come back and said, ‘I can fix it’

“The school has been really good with Lewis so we really wanted to so something to help. We want to give something back and it would be great if we could get them a camera.”

The school has been experiencing a string of problems with vandals but the destruction of the climbing frame was the most costly so far.

Headteacher Carol Close was delighted that the climbing frame was being rebuilt and a camera was being installed.

She said: “It is fantastic. I was over the moon when I was told. It really is an answer to our prayers. The great majority of people are fantastic but the minority are affecting it for them

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