KCK woman wins $20K in lottery

Published: September 11, 2006 | 4716th good news item since 2003

Betty Ward received the surprise of a lifetime when she checked her 2by2 Kansas Lottery ticket from the Sept. 5 drawing.

The Kansas City, Kan., resident matched all four numbers on a $1 Quick Pick 2by2 ticket, winning a top prize of $20,000.

Ward, who works in the customer service department at a Hen House grocery store in Overland Park, checked her winning ticket before she reported for work.

“I bought my ticket after work,” said Ward. “When I came back in to work (the next day), I thought I better see if I won anything. I checked my ticket on the Check-A-Ticket machine and it said, ‘See store clerk’. I had a co-worker, the customer service manager, check it on the lottery machine because I had never seen that before.”

After having her winning ticket checked on the lottery terminal, Ward still was unsure of her winnings.

“This time it said, ‘Claim at Lottery,’” Ward said. “I still didn’t know how much I’d won so we printed out the winning numbers from last night’s drawing.”

That’s when she realized she had won the $20,000 top prize.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Ward. “I went home and showed my husband.”

Aaron, Ward’s husband, couldn’t believe it either. He decided to see for himself. He looked up the winning numbers on the Kansas Lottery’s website.

“She was acting so calm and cool, I thought she was joking,” said Aaron. “I don’t think it has sunk in how much she has actually won.”

The couple has two daughters. They plan to use their prize money to pay bills.

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