Katrina Evacuee Is Reunited With His Beloved Dog

Published: September 4, 2006 | 4685th good news item since 2003

If you ever had any doubts about dog being man’s best friend just talk to Earle Bryant.

The New Orleans resident was forced to evacuate his home during hurricane Katrina…and says he had no choice than to leave his beloved German Shepard, Ragnar behind.

“He’s like my son, I love him to death,” said Bryant.

Before he left, Earle left plenty of food for his pooch and a note, sealed in plastic urging rescuers to save his pet. Earle says he had no idea if Ragnar had been rescued and expected the worst.

“It was a tough decision,” said Bryant.

His expectations turned from grim to great one day he read an article mentioning that Ragnar was rescued and sent to Molly’s Kennels in Doylestown where he was adopted by a local couple.

Earle worked with the organization No Animal Left Behind to get him back, a process that’s taken a couple months, but Earle says Ragnar was in good hands.

“They have been unbelievable. They had no idea what was going on,” said Bryant of Ragnar’s adopted caretakers.

Earle’s reunion with Ragnar was an emotional one that reduced Bryant to tears.

For now Ragnar will continue to stay in Bucks County with his foster family because Bryant is currently living in a trailer provided by FEMA, which prohibits large dogs.

Now Bryant has more incentive to get his house in New Orleans back in order.

“I’ve decided to let the foster family have him a little longer ’til my house is where I can move back in it,” noted Earle.

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