Cutting for the cause

Published: August 28, 2006 | 4661st good news item since 2003

With an impatient grin on her face, Charley Walker kept her eyes fixed on the mirror in front of her Thursday afternoon as stylist Betty Tolston cut off a lifetime worth of blonde hair from the 6-year-old’s head.

“Last year, she wouldn’t even let me get her hair trimmed,” said LaMarr Walker, Charley’s mother, who explained that her daughter has never gotten her hair cut other than routine trims to help keep it healthy. But it wasn’t childhood indecisiveness that made the little girl suddenly decide to dramatically cut off all her hair. Instead, it was a desire to help other children.

Several months back, Charley had seen a story in The Free Press that told about a woman cutting her hair for Locks of Love, an organization that uses hair donations to make wigs for children.

“She saw the article and decided she wanted to cut her hair and do the same thing,” said LaMarr Walker.

Instead of taking her daughter to the salon that day, Walker decided to wait a while to make sure Charley didn’t change her mind.

It was obvious on Thursday that Charley was sincere about her decision as Tolston cut off more than a foot of hair. She grinned at her mother, as well as her father Adger Walker and her grandmother Marjorie Moore as she looked in the mirror at her new short haircut.

“She’s not nervous,” said LaMarr Walker. “She’s been thinking about this for two months. She knows what she’s doing.”

Thursday wasn’t the first time Tolston has cut hair for Locks of Love, but she said it’s not something she does often.

“I think I’ve only had two other people do it before,” Tolston said, but explained that she thought Charley was the youngest customer she had ever seen to cut their hair for the cause.

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