Against all odds, couple has miracle babies

Published: August 28, 2006 | 4662nd good news item since 2003

For all those who don’t believe in miracles, the following story should inspire you to strive to make the impossible, possible. Because that is exactly what Donna and Jude Baker did when faced with the odds of never being able to have their own baby. With the cards severely stacked against them, they not only conceived a miracle baby boy, but believe it or not, a miracle baby girl is on the way.

Anyone who knows the Bakers knows the struggle they endured when Donna was first diagnosed with breast cancer three days after being married. As if battling cancer wasn’t enough, the Bakers actually chose to endure a seven-year battle with trying to have a child. Everything they tried failed including six rounds of in vitro fertilization, adoption, a specialized diet and exercise routine, two rounds of IUI, acupuncture…and the list goes on. It wasn’t until they met a Chinese fertility doctor who predicted Donna would be pregnant by the next New Year.

So during the latest use of a surrogate, the duo heard the miracle news their donor was pregnant with twins. But sadly, soon after, one of them had passed away. But instead of losing hope, Donna and Jude maintained their positive attitude and thus an even bigger miracle took place. Now blessed with their beautiful son, Dylan Orion, Jude says it was their faith that kept them from losing all hope.

Admittedly, the bakers say they spent the value of a very nice home on trying to get pregnant, but in the end, they inspire those with infertility problems not to give up hope. So the moral of this story, according to the Bakers, is to never give up faith. Because with that grounding, your body can do miracle-like things.

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