Missing man reunited with his family

Published: August 23, 2006 | 4615th good news item since 2003

Last week, People’s Post reported how Felix (76) had gone missing from a friend’s place in Factreton over the weekend.

Speaking to People’s Post on Thursday, Felix’s relieved family said they had received a call on Tuesday evening to say that a man fitting their father’s description had been taken to Somerset Hospital in Cape Town.

“We were at the Haven Shelter when the Cape Town Police called,” a seemingly tired Andrew Samuels said.

Samuels says that although Felix was unharmed, he “looked like a vagrant” when they found him.

“It was quite funny, actually, because my father had a little plastic bag with vagrant clothing and bread crusts in that he says his new friends gave him,” his daughter, Shireen Samuels, said.

His family says they are very grateful to the Athlone and Cape Town Police for their assistance in the search for their father.

“We also need to say thank you to the people at the Haven Shelter for their help. They did everything they could to help us find our father and we are indebted to them,” Samuels said.

He adds that the people at the Haven Shelter gave them the strength to continue looking for their father when they were losing hope.

Although Felix was not harmed, he was still in hospital on Thursday and was undergoing tests to determine what had caused him to wonder off.

“He did not recognise me when I got to the hospital and he was very disoriented. The doctors are going to do a CAT-scan to see if there is anything wrong with him,” Samuels said. Felix also suffered from dehydration.

Felix’s family would like to thank everyone, from the flower sellers and council workers in Cape Town to the vagrants in Main Road, Sea Point, who helped them find their father.

Samuels, who is part of the Young Sunrise Brass Band, says he intends to take his band to the Haven Shelter to entertain and feed some of the people there.

“Most people look down on vagrants, but these people are the ones who looked after my father and for that I will always respect them,” his daughter said.

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