Woman’s purse and $1500 returned by Good Samaritan

Published: August 21, 2006 | 4594th good news item since 2003

A GOOD Samaritan made sure a woman’s holiday was not ruined when he handed her lost bag containing £800 (arounc USD $1500) to police in West Hampstead.

Davida Petters was waiting for a train at the Thameslink station on West End Lane with her brother David on July 30.

In the rush to start her trip to the Isle of Wight, carrying luggage and her pet dog, the retired legal secretary left her handbag on the platform.

As soon as they realised the pair got off the train and returned to West Hampstead but could not find the bag.

They were set to cancel their holiday but within hours police told Ms Petters, who lives in Hendon, that a passer-by had taken the bag to West Hampstead police station.

She said: “I was very relieved to say the least when I heard it had been handed in. It was such a nice thing to do and I want to say thank you. The police were also brilliant in helping out.”

Sergeant Eddie Odita, of the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhoods police team, said he would be nominating the good Samaritan for a police commendation.

He said: “It was such a good thing for someone to do. He walked all the way from the train station to the police station to hand it in.

“The station was closed on the Sunday but he made sure he spoke to someone.

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