The cat’s meow led boys to rescue feline

Published: August 21, 2006 | 4602nd good news item since 2003

It sounds like something out of an after-school special, but it really happened to four Santan area boys playing in the rain Monday night.

Splashing through puddles with three of his buddies, Robbie Lokken said the boys were sidetracked by frantic cries from a sewer drain that was quickly filling with water.

“We saw a sewer ditch thing and thought maybe it was a baby,” Lokken, 13, said.

Instead, “We saw a cat hanging on for dear life.”

So, they jumped into action.

The boys called Lokken’s mom. She said she would drive up to help in about five minutes.

But five minutes was too long for the boys.

“If that cat would have been washed away, we would have felt horrible,” Lokken said.

The boys grabbed a big tree branch and thought about sticking it through the drain. But, what if the distressed cat reached for it and fell?

They flagged down a passing car. The driver happened to have a rope that they used to lasso the cat’s neck and raise her to safety.

Lokken took the skinny, wet cat home with him.

“She was hungry,” he said. “We just dried her off and were petting her and she was just so dying for attention. I think she was a stray because she’s really skinny.”

She was even skinnier the next morning, after giving birth to six kittens. The kids decided to name her Mira, short for Miracle.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Lokken said. “They’re like little rats. Wow, they’re tiny.”

Lokken’s mom, Karen, said the family’s two other cats aren’t as jazzed about the new arrivals. She said the family will give away the kittens. Lokken said he hopes he and his sister can convince Mom to keep Mira.

“I love cats,” Lokken said. “They’re cute and lovable. She’s just so lovey. It’s awesome.”

Karen Lokken said she’s proud that Robbie and his buddies were able to help.

“I just think it’s cool,” she said. “They saw a sad, little kitty and wanted to help her out. I hate the thought of thinking she would have died and all those babies would have died.”

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