Lottery winning couple continues working at McDonald’s – buys house nearby

Published: August 9, 2006 | 4574th good news item since 2003

McDonald’s millionaire Lotto couple buy new dream house nearby – so they can walk to work

THE McDonald’s pair who won the lottery are buying a house 500 yards from their burger bar – so they can have the luxury of WALKING to work.

Lovers Emma Cox, 28, and 23-year-old Luke Pittard don’t drive and have always had to take a bus.

But that’s all set to change after their £1.3m Lotto win last month.

Emma said yesterday: “Luke went around looking for houses near McDonald’s. He saw one we liked and phoned the estate agents and we went down there to look at it.

“It feels good knowing we don’t have to struggle to buy it.

“We didn’t have to worry about the money. We could just go there and think ‘We can have that’.

“People must reckon we are mad to carry on working in McDonald’s with all that money in the bank.

“But we are determined to continue working there. We’ve been on holiday since we won the money – but I’m getting bored already.

“The new house is so close we can just walk around the corner to work.”

The pair are set to snap up the new £230,000 four-bedroom detached home – just a stone’s throw from the McDonald’s branch in Pontprennau, Cardiff, where they met four years ago.

The move will enable them to share a home with daughter Chloe, two, for the first time. Until now Emma and Luke have been living six miles apart with their parents – with Chloe dividing her time between mum and dad.

Luke said: “We just want to be a normal family like everyone else.

“I had to stay with my mum and only got to see Chloe from the Thursday to the Sunday.”

Emma earns £16,000-a-year as an area manager for the fast food giant and Luke is a £12,000-a-year staff trainer. He said: “If we didn’t go back to work all we’d be doing is sitting at home spending the money.

“We might as well go back to work and act like nothing’s changed. The only difference is we haven’t got money worries.”

He joked: “There’s not many people who are served by millionaires when they want a burger.”

The couple have already treated daughter Chloe to a new pushchair, clothes and toys. Emma said: “We can go to Mothercare, just go past a toy and we can take it to the counter and buy it instead of thinking ‘We’ll have to wait for that’.”

Emma’s mum Marilyn Cox, 55, is delighted with the couple’s amazing strike of good fortune.

She said: “I am so pleased for them. They have worked so hard. They deserve their good luck. It’s fantastic that Emma and Luke can finally get a home of their own.

“They have struggled for so long. It’s an absolute dream come true for them.”

Emma was at home with Marilyn when she checked her numbers and discovered she was a big winner.

But after sharing the good news Emma was forced to reveal to her mum that she had a secret vice.

She said: “I am a smoker but my mother didn’t know – and I’ve never lit up in front of her before.

“I was in such a state of shock I said ‘I’m sorry Mum – but I’ve just got to have a ciggie’.”

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