Our sugar bag baby is a little miracle

Published: August 3, 2006 | 4546th good news item since 2003

A ‘MIRACLE’ baby, whose parents feared he might not survive, will be coming home soon.

Tiny Jamie Farren had stopped growing in the womb and he could have died if his mother hadn’t had an emergency Caesarean.

And when he was born on 4 July he only weighed a little more than a bag of sugar.

But now he’s putting on weight and medics at Royal Alexandra in Paisley are so pleased with his progress that he’ll be home within weeks. His mum Catherine, 37, from Port Glasgow, said: “It’s a miracle — Jamie’s umbilical cord wasn’t working and he wasn’t getting the nutrition he needed to grow and he wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t been delivered then.” The mum-of-three, who has a heart condition, was violently sick throughout her pregnancy.

And she was getting scans every two days to check on his progress at the Queen Mother’s in Glasgow.

When Jamie was born, Catherine and husband Eric had to wait a week before they could hold their son.

She said: “It’s heartbreaking looking at Jamie in an incubator.

“He’s still on oxygen and is being fed through a tube, but he’s a wee fighter.”

Proud grandparents Jim and Catherine, who live in Port Glasgow’s South Road, are thrilled.

Jim, 67, said: “It’s brilliant, especially as he’s named after me. We’re over the moon. He’s definitely a fighter — he’s like his old grandad. I had a lung operation because of asbestosis and I’m still going strong.”

The family, who now live in Johnstone, are planning a celebration with Jamie’s three-year-old twin sisters, Kiara and Jenna.

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