Stolen rare baseball returned to kids’ club

Published: July 13, 2006 | 4458th good news item since 2003

Just one day after a shocking robbery members of the boys and girls club in Camas are enjoying the return of one of their most prized possessions.

“Why would somebody break in?” asks 9-year-old Marie Thomas.

On Tuesday someone broke into the Jack, Will and Rob Boys and Girls Club and stole a signed Mickey Mantle baseball, a baseball glove and some electronic equipment.

The club is named after three brothers who died in a plane crash along with their father, businessman Tiger Warren.

The baseball was a gift given to the boy’s mother by author David James Duncan who wanted her to have it for the club.

The baseball glove belonged to one of the boys killed in the plane crash.

Now the ball and the glove are back at the club where they belong. And as for the thieves, police have arrested several suspects.

“We had a tip from a resident who overheard the boys talking about their burglary and we ended up making an arrest of three juvenile boys and one adult,” said Detective Carol Buck of the Camas Police Department.

Police say one of the boys has confessed to the crime and that their ring leader, Robert L. Drake, 25, may have been planning to sell the stolen items.

The stolen electronic equipment has not yet been found.

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