Owner reunited with missing ring

Published: July 4, 2006 | 4378th good news item since 2003

When a valuable diamond engagement ring was turned in to Guelph Police four weeks ago, it got to spend time in lockup before the owner set it free.

“It was an expensive ring,” said Sergeant Ron Lord. “It was worth well over a thousand dollars . . . . It was no surprise that the owner didn’t want to be named.

“Maybe the boyfriend didn’t even know it was missing.”

The 18-karat gold diamond solitaire ring was found by staff at the Eramosa Heights Shoppers Drug Mart. They turned the ring over to police and with the help of numbers printed inside the band, the owner was reunited with her jewelry.

While it was waiting to be claimed, the beautiful bobble was locked up in a basement room of the police station on Fountain Street.

Under the Police Services Act, items turned into police are kept for 90 days, except for bikes, which are kept for 30 days because of the space they take up.

After the 90-day waiting period, police can put unclaimed items up for auction. Those auctions are held three or four times a year and are usually dominated by bicycles. But Lord said you never know what will get turned in.

Money raised at the auctions goes to the police board to fund local police-related programs.

“We have a request almost every meeting for support from the community,” police board chair Dave Clark said about how the auction money is used.

“What we take in (from auctions) goes out to charity. We get a lot of requests for support for things like sponsoring a hole at a golf tournament.”

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