Father and Son Reunited After 40 Years

Published: June 15, 2006 | 4356th good news item since 2003

It’s a story 40 years in the making. That’s when Nampa resident, Joseph Crane was taken from his father by his mother never to be seen again: until today. The last time he saw his father, Joseph Senior, he was only about two-and-a-half years old. His mother moved him around a lot and changed his name, so he had no idea where his roots lied. Similarly, his father had no way to track him down. Still, Joseph Senior had given up hope of ever finding his son.

“Its so frustrating, you know they are there you can’t touch them you can’t find them,” said Joseph Fannin, Crane’s father.

When Joseph Junior was just an infant his mother left without a trace, after three years she returned.

“All the sudden she came back and took him and left and that is the last time we saw or heard of him,” said Fannin.

Growing up, Joseph Junior had no pictures or memories of life before six.

“There is one photograph of me and I always wondered where are the pictures, so some things didn’t seem quite right,” said Joseph Crane.

Now, 40 years later, Joseph Junior’s wife, Karen, wanted to do something special for her husband.

“I was able to jump in and do something for my husband that I knew would be good for him,” said Karen Crane.

When she finally located his father after almost a year of searching, Joseph Senior didn’t think twice and took off on a 950 mile journey from Arizona. Nothing was going to stop him.

“When I had the flat tire I was ready to unhook the trailer and keep driving with the truck,” said Fannin.

Little to his son’s knowledge, the two would meet face to face for the first time since his disappearance and after four decades the two had quite a bit to catch up on. Joseph Junior was finally able to piece together his childhood, and realized that his father never stopped loving him.

“I started thinking about my grandson and how if he would disappear, and would I ever forget or stop looking for him. You would never forget and never stop looking for him,” said Crane.

Ironically, their lives crossed paths a number of times. At one point they both lived in separate suburbs of Seattle only about 15 miles apart. And at another time Joseph Junior would scuba dive only miles from his father’s home in Southern California.

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