Miracle Baby Turns Strangers Into Family

Published: May 31, 2006 | 4284th good news item since 2003

An infant who was born three months early in an unexpected place has been making tremendous strides by transforming total strangers into a family.

Nevaeh, heaven spelled backwards, was just 1 1/2 pounds when she was born to Salina Newman.

Newman thought she had miscarried into a toilet when she called 9-1-1, but rescue crews found her baby still in the amniotic sac and still alive.

“She’s had a pretty exciting life to only be so little,” Newman said.

Three months after her birth, Neveah was surprisingly strong enough to leave the hospital, but didn’t leave with her birth mother.

Newman decided the best thing she could do for her daughter was to give her up.

“It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made,” Newman said. “The most adult decision I’ve ever made.”

Robin and Rob Layton became the proud adoptive parents of Samantha Neveah who is now a 4 1/2 pound preemie.

“We believe that God put her here, we met up for a reason and it was meant to be so we needed to take on the challenge and step up to the plate,” Robin said.

“We knew right away as soon as we saw her we fell in love with her,” Rob said.

The Laytons didn’t just bond with their new little girl but they also opened their hearts to her birth mother.

“Just to get to see her grow up and stuff,” Newman said.

Two mothers now have a tie that will keep them connected for a lifetime.

“This is what was supposed to happen so, no regrets,” Newman said.

“It’s amazing that she’s made it and she’s so strong and she’s so beautiful,” Rob said.

Her parents, all of them, consider her a blessing for what she’s brought to their lives and it’s just the beginning for the new extended family.

“I don’t know, it just seems like everything was meant to happen,” Newman said.

Samantha Nevaeh was visited constantly by the Littleton police and paramedics who saved her while she was in the hospital. They call her their honorary goddaughter and plan to follow her through her life.

She still has to take special vitamins, but Samantha Nevaeh had no health problems.

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