Roy and Kim reunited – thanks to village pupils

Published: May 25, 2006 | 4241st good news item since 2003

AN animal-lover from Wetwang, who was heartbroken when his blind Jack Russell terrier, Kim, became lost in a field, has been reunited with his pet – thanks to a group of village youngsters.
As reported in the Driffield Times, 12-year-old Kim got lost when she ran into a field of rape seed in Wetwang at around 4.30pm on May 12.

Her owner, Roy Elliker, 59, could not chase after Kim, who had followed her sighted siblings into the field, because he has a disability and struggles to get about.

Mr Elliker, of Southfield Terrace, had almost given up hope of ever seeing the dog he has had since she was a puppy after she didn’t return for two days.

But Wetwang Primary School pupil Hope, 10, came to the rescue when she turned up on Mr Elliker’s doorstep with a group of friends – and Kim.

Hope said: “We found her bumping into things and she looked cold and wet. We told my mum and we put a jumper over her, then got my dog lead and took her round to a friend’s house.”

After discussions with her friends, Wetwang School pupils Eleanor, 11, Hayden, 10 Shannon, nine, and Driffield School pupil Kelly, 12, she decided to find Kim’s owner.

Hope said: “A man came out of his house and said she might be his.

“He was really happy when he realised that it was and said she had been missing for two days.”

PKim has been blind since contracting glaucoma last year.
Mr Elliker said he had taken her out for a walk with her mum, Tess, and brothers, Jack and Shandy, when she went missing.

He thanked the youngsters for bringing back his pet.
“I was delighted to get her back,” Mr Elliker told the Driffield Times. “I was beside myself with worry that she had been hit by a car or that nobody would have heard her.

But the kids were edging her along with a lead on and I was very pleased to see her.”

Mr John Murray, head of Wetwang Primary School, said: “It was such a nice thing to do. We are trying very hard to instill into the children a sense of civic duty. I think they have done that in this case and the gentleman concerned was delighted to get his dog back.”

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