Touched by an angel

Published: May 24, 2006 | 4228th good news item since 2003

Some of us have had amazing, unusual experiences in life. Is it coincidence, luck, or something else? Many are convinced these acts are the work of guardian angels.

It happens a lot in the movies, an angel swoops down from heaven to help someone in dire need.

Clarence Goodbody to George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, says,”I told you I’m your guardian angel, I know everything about you.”

But many people say it happens in real life, too.

Lynn Anderson says, “I have a guardian angel.”

She swears her guardian angel saved her life after her car crashed into a watery ravine.

“I thought, please god, don’t let me die this way. You’ve got to send somebody, anybody,” Anderson said.

Trapped in her car, she says a ‘supernatural savior’ spoke to her.

“Something told me, it was more of an urge, you need to turn on the light inside the car. I turned it on, and then I faded out,” Anderson said.

Miraculously, hunters saw the light and rescued Lynn. But the mechanic who fixed her car is convinced the light did not come from inside the vehicle because the battery was ripped out in the crash.

“He said, you couldn’t have turned on your inside car light. You had no power,” Lynn says.

Skeptical? Swati Nigam, of Shrewsbury, was when she heard similar stories.

“Seriously, I thought they were a little crazy. I thought they were making up things.”

Swati’s thoughts soon changed, she says, after angels helped her overcome a deep depression.

“For my depression, they removed it, they just removed it. It’s gone,” she says.

Angel specialist, Doreen Virtue, says, “Angels want to help us in every situation, but sometimes they’re not allowed to, because we make other choices.”

Virtue has written more than a dozen books about angels. In them, hundreds of people share their stories of how they were saved by angelic encounters.

“Your angels are always talking to you through your intuition and your gut feelings. You’ve got to listen.”

Many religions have stories of other-worldly helpers who connect with people in times of trouble. Even psychiatrists say, it’s hard to explain all of life’s deeper experiences.

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, from Mclean Hospital, says “There’s a lot going on in human life that we don’t understand very well.”

Dr. Rediger says, it’s fine to talk to angels, as long as you stay grounded.

“I would say go for it, but stay in close contact with those you love, and who care about you.”

Believers say they can’t imagine living life without angels. But they admit there is a limit to what even angels can do.

Lynn says, “They’re not going to deliver you from every evil, but they will hold your hand through everything.”

In addition to our assigned guardian angel, Doreen Virtue says, other angels come and go to help us with different life experiences.

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