Electrolysed water cure for avian flu … no really :-)

Published: May 16, 2006 | 4145th good news item since 2003

Note from the Editor: usually we publish really good news with the odd item here and there thrown in for that feel good groove. This item has that high chuck-ability level that sometimes just makes your day, having you walk around with a big grin. I think it goes without saying that Good News Blog does not put any credibility on this news item…

Sanyo, a leading provider of environment and energy related products and services, announced on Monday that its proprietary electrolysed water technology effectively suppresses avian influenza viruses.

This result was achieved by corroborative research with Tottori University, Japan. It was shown that Sanyo’s proprietary electrolysed water technology, ‘Disinfectant Element’ system and ‘Disinfectant Electrolysed Mist’ system was highly effective in suppressing more than 99% of airborne avian influenza viruses.

Since December 2003, infection of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5 type) in poultry and humans has been identified in many countries, especially those in Southeast Asia and Europe, taking more than 100 human lives. Research on the avian influenza viruses has been drawing substantial attention around the world.

“Sanyo is proud of the work we have done in developing this technology which possibly could lead to the prevention of a major world threat. We will continue to research the practical uses of this technology in homes, schools and other public places.” said Tomoyo Nonaka, Chairman of Sanyo

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