Did the power of prayer help this little boy walk?

Published: May 15, 2006 | 4137th good news item since 2003

NGAHUIA Harvey knows her story of faith and healing sounds incredible. She knows many will disbelieve her. She also doesn’t care.

The Coolum mum is convinced her son Matthias is a living, walking miracle after international evangelical healer John Mellor laid hands on the four-year-old last October.

Since then the child, born with hemiparesis (paralysis to the left side of his body) has gone from scuffing about on his bottom to standing by himself for the first time and taking his first steps. He now runs around like any other active boy.

The days of being unable to feed himself are history and from having delayed speech, Matthias has become a chatterbox.

And while his paediatric neurologist Dr Julie Panetta believes Matthias’s case was no miracle, she is not prepared to rule out the possibility faith may have played a part in the dramatic improvement of the young boy.

“He was born with fluid on the brain,” Ms Harvey said.

“I was told Matthias was basically a vegetable and would spend his life in a wheelchair.

“I always hoped for a miracle and never lost faith one would happen and then I heard about John Mellor through my church (Coolum Christian Family Church).

“I took Matthias up for prayer with him and John Mellor stood over him and prayed and placed his hands on Matthias’s head.

“Two weeks later he started to stand by himself and he then took six steps. They were his first ever steps. He had not stood up by himself before. He used to shuffle around on his bottom and I used to have to go and buy shorts all the time because they were wearing through.”

Ms Harvey, who has two other children, Jayden, 10, and Tia, 8, became a Christian three years ago when her uncle took her to a church on the Gold Coast.

And while she is a passionate believer she is not one to go preaching to others.

“Matthias just says ‘mum Jesus fixed my legs, didn’t he?’ I haven’t drummed that in to him. I am not the type of person to do that.

“But I knew we had been given a miracle.”

Matthias is now able to feed himself, particularly his favourites of Nutri-Grain and crackers.

“People may have trouble believing this but I know for myself that I have seen a working miracle in my own eyes,” Ms Harvey said.

“I know a year ago Matthias couldn’t walk and now he can. I continued to believe there would be a miracle.

“I just want people to not give up hope because so many good things can come from hope.”

Dr Panetta confirmed Matthias had been unable to stand unassisted before October 2005, but said a patient’s ability to recover from hemiparesis varied greatly.

“Matthias’s recovery is not unexpected. I knew he had a lot of brain damage when I first saw him and each time I saw him he had made small, new advances.

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