$1,714 lost, found and returned

Published: May 12, 2006 | 4128th good news item since 2003

With the money 10-year-old Tyler Bunch found near a bridge on a walk home, he could have bought 21 Game Boy Advance SP portable-video game systems – which come with a price tag around $80.

But Tyler knew better and made sure the money – all $1,714.11 of it – was returned to the owner.

In return for his good deed, Tyler has one Game Boy Advance SP and the knowledge that he helped someone.

On April 15, Tyler was returning home from playing with his friend in the Sandstone Subdivision in Lamar County. As he walked along Old Highway 42 to get to Ralph Rawls Road where he lives with his family, an object near the bridge caught his eye.

It was a credit card and a checkholder along with checks. Tyler was about to leave when he saw an envelope in the area.

“I said there might be money in there,” he said.

He turned around and found an envelope containing more than $1,700.

When he finally got home, he announced his findings to the family,

“He wanted to keep it, but he knew he had to turn it in,” his mother, Jamie Bunch, said. “If it was his money, he would want the person to do the same thing.”

Linda Bunch, Tyler’s grandmother, said the family scoured the phonebook, searching for the man whose name was on the credit card. No luck.

The next step was calling the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office contacted the bank on the credit card in an effort to track down the owner. The owner, a George County man, eventually was found.

He was a construction worker performing work at the Canebrake subdivision and had just cashed his mother’s insurance check to place the roof on her house, which was damaged from Hurricane Katrina. The man had no idea where he had lost it, Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said.

“His mom has a roof on her house,” Tyler said, as he beamed about his good deed.

As a reward, the man gave Tyler $100 – but the accolades did not stop there.

The Wal-Mart SuperCenter on U.S. 98 gave Tyler a $200 gift card, which he used to buy his Gameboy Advance SP. And at the May 6 Lamar County Board of Supervisors meeting, Rigel recognized him with a certificate.

“He was admirable for what he did,” Rigel said. “Hopefully, he’ll inspire someone else to do the same thing.”

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