It’s a miracle

Published: April 24, 2006 | 4076th good news item since 2003

Kevin Southwell is a Miracle Man.

The 74-year-old from North East Victoria suffered a massive heart attack last week. Kevin was declared clinically dead by paramedics, but his wife Carol thought differently when by his side, his arm grabbed on to hers.

Carol immediately called for the nurse and it was soon confirmed that Kevin had a heart beat.

Many are saying it’s a miracle, while Kevin is just happy to be here.

Doctors say Kevin was deprived of oxygen for 40 minutes and there was no hope, they said he was effectively brain dead and without a pulse.

“I had no machines and was assumed dead. The paramedics when they brought me in said (to my wife) sorry ma’am we did the best we could do.”

Kevin says he doesn’t have much memory of what happened, but was working at his home in Yackandandah.

“I had done a job, I was cutting sheets of plaster which I shouldn’t have done, I went and sat down for an hour and I couldn’t get out of the chair.”

“My Carol tried to lift but I was just like a lump of rag. I couldn’t get up so she took it on herself to ring the ambulance, I protested but she rang it and lucky she did.”

The ambulance arrived to take Kevin to the Albury Base Hospital, but Kevin has no recollection of the trip “The last thing I remember is the paramedics putting me in a chair and going down four steps out of the house, they put me on the stretcher and I don’t remember another thing.”

“The first thing I remember is waking up and a doctor looking at me and he said ‘open your eyes’ or ‘open one eye’ and I opened one eye, he thought I might have been brain dead.”

“I saw a lot of nurses and I was very pleased to see them, they were all around me, then my relations sort of came and talked. It was pretty hectic for a while, but I have a room here now and I can look out the window, which is great.”

Kevin says the paramedics also visited to him to tell him about the ambulance trip on the way in. They told Kevin they were ‘working overtime’ to revive him, but Kevin has no recollection.

Kevin also doesn’t remember grabbing on to his wife after being declared dead “Evidently I reached out and grabbed her by the arm when I was supposed to be dead and I kicked one foot, and she insisted that I must have a bit of life in me. I don’t remember doing that it must have been a reflex, I don’t know.”

Kevin says his wife Carol is still recovering from the experience “She was a bit upset but she is settling down now. She rang up my son and told him I was dead, and of course he rang up all the other girls, and twenty minutes later they rang him up again and said that I was alive, so they had to ring back and say I was alive.”

“They all got a shock, my grandchildren got a bit of a shock, but they all came and they are all happy and I am damned happy!”

Kevin says he is slowly on the mend, but a ‘bit weak still’. But when he gets back on his feet, he is going to take things easy. “I’ve got a small 50 acre farm and I’m going to poke around quietly, extremely quietly.”

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